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Pain and suffering is one of those facts of life that will never go away and never feel better. A cheapcaribbean promo code could alleviate that discomfort by helping you escape to a tropical paradise, enjoying the sunshine, sand, surf, breezes and scenery, but it comes to an end at some point.

The atheist likes to depict religion’s difficulty with pain and suffering as if he did not have the problem himself.

What is the flip side of this scenario? That would be the one where there is ultimately no one home in the universe. It would read something like this: “Randomness killed your wife and kids in a car accident…but that is just a part of nature and you will die sooner or later as well.”

When atheists point out some emotionally uncomfortable point about Christianity’s view of pain and suffering, why do they not lay out both options, the atheist view and the Christian view?

Is it due, perhaps, to the fundamental fact that the atheist view is primarily a mustering up of one’s own willpower with no real way to know what is actually true and what is actually wish fulfillment?

Consider the miserable option that atheists have when it comes to believing their version of pain and suffering.

Atheism affirms that pain and suffering are a fundamental part of the universe. Ever since the first life form struggled to survive, pain and suffering have been an integral part of existence. It has never changed. Evil and suffering are simply normal everyday experiences.

Christianity affirms that the world was created perfect but then was spoiled by the creature. This crucial distinction establishes two important points. First, the world did not come spoiled by pain and suffering as originally created. Second, pain and suffering was introduced at a later time and was therefore not a fundamental part of the world, unlike atheism.

Atheism affirms that pain and suffering will always be in the universe because it is simply random rearrangements of matter, the way the universe has always been. There is no hope that pain and suffering will be eradicated because it is integral to the universe just like gravity.

Christianity affirms pain and suffering will be eliminated from the world some day. That is the promise from the creator. Since pain and suffering were not originally part of the world, they can be removed from the world without damaging the integrity of the world. The world will be restored to its original state – perfection. No pain and suffering.

Atheists talk about facing pain and suffering with determination but why? To what end? Since pain and suffering are built into the universe and will never be eradicated, why fight it? It is like fighting gravity. They can fight if they want to but ultimately, pain and suffering will win the battle.

Christians follow the example of Jesus, who fought against pain and suffering. He stood at the tomb of his good friend Lazarus, angry at the effects of pain and suffering. So he did something about it, giving an indication of what will happen when the entire world is renewed.

So while atheists like to bring up pain and suffering as a reason to reject God, their solution is hardly a solution.

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