Skirting In Robin Residences


Properties normally rest on blocks which are then placed on a concrete foundation. In the process some space is created between the base of the property and the concrete foundation in Robin Residences. Home skirting, sometimes known as skirting, is therefore normally done in order to cover this gap. The main objective therefore is the creation of a barrier between the two surfaces.

Skirting is important if you want to decorate your home. The quality of the outlook is however highly dependent on your budget. Nevertheless, besides giving the property good looks, the process also serves to cover the structural elements of the home. In addition, it helps in regulating the temperatures during summer and winter.

The market has a wide variety of materials one can use for skirting purposes. However, the choice of which to use is entirely based on how deep you want to dig into your pocket. The materials used also determine the final appearance of the property. Some of them are easy to use while others require seeking the services of a professional.

Robin Residences property

The first step before embarking on any project of this kind is cost calculation. To do this, you need to calculate the length of the linear footage of the property. This is done by summing up both the width and length measurements of all four sides of the building. The total measurement you get is the key determinant of the cost.

The second step is calculating the height between the ground and the floor of the Robin Residences property. Measure from the ground to the height you want the skirt to cover. You however need to get your measurements from all four corners of the property as well as the middle. Thereafter, do an average of all the measurements to find the final figure.

The total cost of the project will highly be determined by the choice materials to be used. Vinyl can be a good choice as it is pocket friendly and attractive. Rock panels are also an option for this. They are made out of tough plastic but look exactly as stone. The advantage they have is that they are relatively cheap and their installation process is quite easy. Faux rock, which is made out of polyurethane, is mainly used when the aim is to maintain stable temperatures beneath the property. Other skirting materials that can be considered for this job are; bricks, ply wood, cider block and metal.

Acquisition of all materials necessary for the job is the next step after the cost has been evaluated. They should then be transported to the site and the panels to be used as barriers cut out carefully. Thereafter, place wooden frames on the base of the property and the ground. Then insert the panels to create the barrier. Using a speed drill, drill the panels firmly to the wooden frame to make them stable and permanent.

You should however consult an expert if you are not in position to do the job alone. Read more about home skirting in Robin Residences at the property website.


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