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My son has a Lenovo Idea pad 11 (Windows RT). The power port on the motherboard is broken so we cannot power up the unit. Previously the unit would not boot with either please wait recovering for over an hour or just spinning all night on boot. Now the battery has gone completely, we cannot power on or charge the unit but my son needs documents from the surface mounted ssd. Are you able to assist? The unit is already disassembled as we were hoping to take out the drive and plug into another unit but its surface mount

4060-705086-001 is the pcb number for a WD Mybook and I think I need a replacement

I was transferring 20GB of photos from my HTC One M9 to my PC. I did it using a cut and paste. During the transfer, there was a powercut. Only 5GB of data successfully transferred and the other 15GB is lost. This data was not backed up online. This occured three weeks ago. I have tried the “dr.fone” program but it hasn’t worked. Since then I have not had time to do anything. However I need the data back as there are some very important photos on there.

My hard disk has stopped working and no data shows on it. I want the data to be recovered. I followed this advice about faulty hard drives and then my WD external hardrive 2TB has recently stopped working. It appears in my devices but not in explorer. It is making a spinning sound when it is connected to the PC and a friend that works in IT has advised that this needs a specialist to look at it to avoid any further damage to data. Please could you give me an estimate of the cost to recover my data – mostly photos and videos? Also I am based near Edinburgh so would I need to post the hard drive to you?

The computer will not recognise the disk and run anything on it, so no access can be made to the data.

WD Passport Ultra now comes up as ‘Local Disk’ when plugged into a pc / will not come up at all. Has a lot of pics / work / music on it. Would like to recover as much data as possible

The HDD was an external drive (seagate expansion 1TB) that I backed up photos on. the drive became unresponsive (no light, no noise, no spin).

I have taken the HDD out and attached to a USB to SATA connector. the drive spins but I get a error on my mac: “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.” and shows the drive but not the name of the disk. Does this sound like something you might be able to sort.

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Unrecognised Hard Drives


The following post is all about unrecognised hard drives and how to remove the data from them. I have been using this hard drive for 4 years and recently I noticed that programs would not start off of it. I restarted the PC to attempt to see whether that would fix it but this just led to the drive no longer being recognised. I attempted to fix the issue but the drive was not recognised by bios and came up as “Unknown device” in device manager, and would not initialised in disk manager. After testing various power cord and SATA combinations, I could not get the drive to start, and the drive was not recognised by the company’s utility software. I felt the drive when it was on and I believe it is perhaps not electrically active (no vibration), or the firmware has become corrupted. The drive in question is a 2.0TB western digital caviar green model WD20EARX.

I have an external drive that failed after a plane flight (probably due to vibrations). The drive Is spinning and making clicking noises (head parking problem?) This happened 1 year ago and since then I had not connected the drive or attempted any recovery of any kind. I simply took the drive from the enclosure back then. I am contacting Data Clinic data recovery service because I realized there is some valuable data there (I was not sure before, I though most of it was unimportant) and I had feedback form someone who managed to recover the data for a faulty HDD through Data Clinic. The drive is a Western Digital 3TB WD30EZRX If the drive is recoverable, you may copy everything to an external 4TB or 5TB that I will gladly buy from you.

Phone began to show vertical grey lines across the screen and trying to select the correct option from the touchscreen became very difficult. When touching the touch screen the phone would often select something completely different as to what i actually wanted to select. I then dropped the phone and the screen doesn’t do or display anything at all. When connected to a computer the phone makes noises but thats all that happens. I had my iCloud settings set to not allow back up of my photos. I wish to get the photos and videos recovered from this phone. i’ll be replacing the phone so i wouldn’t need the phone repairing.

My external HDD seems to have been corrupted (Both my windows and my android box recognize it as an HDD but cannot read the files in it) most likely by wear and tear (I keep it plugged to an android box for media consumption and it in now more than a couple of years old) and wanted to understand how it will cost to recover the files contained in the HDD. I just noticed that my 2TB WD My Passport portable hard drive has corrupted. It is not being detected by any laptops and the fan seems to not be spinning on the portable drive. It was also making odd noises at one point. Can you please help me recover it? I have very important videos on there. Furthermore, should they be recoverable, would I need to buy a new 2/3TB Hard drive for you to import the data on to?

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