The Great E-Cigarette Adventure!


Electronic cigarettes have risen in popularity over the years. They are popularly known as e-cigarettes. This product is a growing alternative of the traditional cigarettes. Industrial estimates have researched that around $2billion sales of e-cigarettes could be made this year. Why are electronic cigarettes so popular? This is because most flavors of the traditional cigarettes have been banned. In fact in 2009, only the menthol flavor was not banned. This is one of the factors that have made people to opt for the electronic cigarettes instead. The flavors of the electronic cigarettes are not banned. Electronic cigarettes have risen in popularity because the advertisements of traditional cigarettes are banned in most mediums.

Magazines, store displays and direct mailings are not permitted to advertise the traditional cigarettes. This has made the popularity of the traditional cigarettes to decrease gradually making the popularity of the electronic cigarettes to rise fast. Electronic cigarettes however are currently being sold in a lot of flavors. This variety of flavors has made the electronic cigarettes to rise in popularity. People are opting to go for the electronic cigarettes. Generally speaking, who would go for a one flavor traditional cigarette when they can pick a variety in the electronic cigarette? On top of the many flavors, electronic cigarettes are also sold almost everywhere.

Why are electronic cigarettes so popular? They are sold in convenient stores. Specialty “vape” shops are other places where electronic cigarettes have been sold. Electronic cigarettes have also been sold over the internet. The internet has been attributed to making the world a global village. The electronic cigarettes being sold over this medium is a great reason as to why electronic cigarettes are so popular. Electronic cigarette advertisements are aired on television. This is happening after cigarettes have been banned from television ads. This ban was put in place four decades ago. Then we wonder why electronic cigarettes are so popular.


The long term effects of electronic cigarettes are unknown to researchers. However, the electronic cigarettes produce harmful gases which causes indoor pollution. Electronic cigarettes have made it close to impossible for people to quit smoking. This is in contrary to the advertisement that lighting up an electronic cigarette helps a person to stop the smoking habit. The traditional cigarettes have experienced taxation which has made them very expensive. Why are electronic cigarettes so popular? The other great reason is because the tax paid by electronic cigarettes is relatively low.

29 states Attorneys general have pushed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to increase their regulation on electronic cigarettes. The attorneys want equal treatment to both the traditional and electronic cigarettes. They wish the numerous flavors of electronic cigarettes to be banned. They continue to say that the electronic cigarettes have the same addictive qualities as the traditional cigarettes. The FDA earlier this week has produced new regulations for the electronic cigarettes. This is after the proposal from the attorneys. The electronic cigarettes will go through the approval and the registration processes. The manufacturing facilities will go through FDA inspections. The purchase of the electronic cigarettes will be limited to people above the age of 18years.

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